Our team is dedicated
Doctors and research staff from 16 hospitals in California participate in this study
Treatment for childhood leukemia has significantly improved but we don't know enough about what causes this disease.
More than 3000 families have joined the California Childhood Leukemia Study since it started
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Your participation makes a difference!
  • Who is asked to participate?
  • Why is your participation important?
  • What are we asking families to do?
  • How do we protect your privacy?
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Meet Our Team

Catherine Metayer

Principal Investigator
Catherine Metayer is a physician trained in France who worked in departments of pediatrics and oncology where she developed an interest in cancer research. More...
Patricia A. Buffler, PhD

Patricia A. Buffler, PhD

Study Founder
Dr. Patricia Buffler, a Professor of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the University of California Berkeley (UCB), is an internationally known epidemiologist. She is responsible for the overall scientific direction of our research program. More...

Pagan Morris

Project Manager
Pagan Morris is the project manager for the California Childhood Leukemia Study at UC Berkeley, School of Public Health. She received her MPH from San Jose State University. More...
Questions? Call the study office: 1-888-510-2257