What kinds of questions are being asked in the interview?

The study is looking at environmental factors (in a broad sense) and inherited genetic factors that might lead to the development of childhood leukemia. For example, we will ask questions about many topics such as the child’s and mother’s health and diet, parents’ lifestyles, household products, places your child has lived and gone to school, and places where mothers and fathers have worked.

Why is my participation important?

In order to learn about the causes of leuke­mia and how it can be prevented, we need help from families of children who do not have leukemia, as well as those who do. It is extremely important to collect information from both groups so researchers can com­pare the groups and look for patterns and trends.

Scientists feel that there may be many factors that increase the risk of leukemia, so it is important to study as many children as possible. Since 1995, over 2,200 families have participated in our study.

Can I change my mind?

Your participation is completely voluntary. You may change your mind about partici­pating at any time. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions. You can participate without providing biological samples.

 Is my privacy protected?

We are required by law to protect your privacy. Your name and phone number are available only to study staff, and the information you give us is identified by an identification number only. No personal information will ever be published in any study reports or given to any person or agency not involved in this study.